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Traditional incandescent navigation lights with their fragile wire filaments are a pain to continually replace. They can also compromise occupant safety should they fail while underway. 210 Series Pop-Up LED Bow Lights from Accon Marine outperform old-fashioned lamps. Additionally, their unique retractable design helps protect the fixture from damage when not in use.

USCG-approved to 2 nautical miles, 210 Series Pop-Up LED Bow Lights deploy by depressing a small tab. They retract flush into the deck with a gentle push, protecting the light from accidental damage. Unlike fragile incandescent bulbs, the bright LEDs in these Accon Marine lights withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment for a long life, while consuming far less power when in use.

Measuring just 4" W x 4–15/32" L, 210 Series Pop-Up LED Bow Lights install easily using a standard 3–1/2" mounting hole and come supplied with a cut-out template. Available in both through-bolt and stud-mount versions, the lights are fully compatible with Accon Marine's optional 211-MC Waterproofing Cup to protect against unwanted water runoff below decks.

Installation is simple. After protecting the deck area with painters tape, the supplied template is put in place. After marking the center with a punch, a 3–1/2" hole saw is used to cut out the opening. Position the 210 Series Pop-Up LED Bow Light, mark the three screw holes and remove. Then, drill 3/16" holes and remove the tape. Attach the wires and secure with #10 stainless steel screws and washers, and tighten using nylon insert lock nuts. 

Made from durable marine-grade 316 stainless steel for unmatched corrosion resistance, 210 Series Pop-Up LED Bow Lights have a long life. They meet 72 Colregs standard to suit a variety of installation options. MSRP is $215.48.

Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL  33762.  727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.  www.acconmarine.com.

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