April 2020 Live

Even the most cared-for boat will eventually show its age. Wind-borne debris and UV rays dull outside walls, leaving it looking old and tired. However, it's easy to bring back a showroom shine with BoatLIFE's two-part restoration process using PolyShine and Life Wax.

PolyShine is a premium polish formulated specifically for use on fiberglass boats. Starting with a clean hull, the easy-to-use liquid polymer is applied by hand or electric buffer. If the vessel is seriously oxidized, a rubbing compound should be used before PolyShine. It's equally effective on chrome and stainless steel fittings.

Once the fiberglass is polished, a coat of Life Wax will seal it. Its long-lasting carnauba formula makes it one of the finest marine-grade waxes available. Ideal for painted boats, it contains UV filters for maximum protection, even in tropical climates. It's available in a traditional paste or convenient spray. It's easy to use: simply apply and buff to a high gloss.

Made in the USA, BoatLIFE's two-part process keeps a boat looking its best for up to three years. A 16 oz. bottle of PolyShine costs $19.81; a 10 oz. can of Life Wax paste is $19.55; and a 16 oz. spray bottle of Liquid Life Wax sells for $13.89.

Contact BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706; Fax: 843-566-1275. www.boatlife.com.

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