5 Outstanding Houseboat Instagram Accounts

May 2020 Live By Mazi

What is a houseboat? Well, we can define it as a boat that is designed to live in. Today, so many people prefer to live while they are floating on the water. But why? It’s obvious. Living in a houseboat, you can travel anywhere you want and have some adventurous moments while you are staying at home!! Isn’t it amazing?

Actually, it can be a little bit challenging to live in a houseboat. However, if we want to talk about the benefits of living in a houseboat, we can name so many things such as the view, instant fishing, etc. Hence, it can be one of the most amazing experiences for anyone.

By the way, here, we are not going to talk about the merits and demerits of living in a houseboat. As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks out there and is a great place to share our lifestyles with people all over the globe. Hence, in this article, we want to introduce 5 marvelous houseboat Instagram accounts that would be inspiring for you. So, keep on reading.

Houseboat Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

In the following sections, you can see 5 astonishing houseboats Instagram accounts. Some of them share their personal experience with this lifestyle, and the others rent and sell houseboats. Let’s take a look at them, see the best photo of each one, and maybe repost photos from their accounts on your houseboat account.


The first account we want to introduce here is “Houseboat Magazine”. Following this account, you can see some fascinating pictures of boats designed for living and traveling. Also, they have a website full of articles about this lifestyle. Additionally, you can rent, borrow, sell, and buy houseboats and also things you need to live on a boat. So, go to the website and find more about it.



Kate and Baz are a beautiful couple living on a houseboat with their dog, Dilly, and share their moments with people. These two are really cute, and also their houseboat is one of the most beautiful ones you can ever find. Following them, you will be inspired to follow this lifestyle with no doubt.

Actually, Kate talks about their experience, its hard moments, and also the good ones with lots of passion. So, if you like to live in a boat but don’t know much about it, follow her and get informed.



“Full-time off-grid boat life, part-time van life.” This is what is written in the bio of this account. This family of 4, live most of their life in a boat and sometimes live in a van. Actually, Phil is a specialist electrician sharing his experience of living in a houseboat with his wife and two cute kids on Instagram. Following them, you can see some colorful photos and also can learn how to make boating fun for kids.



Fascinated by the houseboat life in Seattle? Follow this account and find the most wonderful houseboats to buy. Danny Varona & Enrico Pozzo help you to find the most suitable boat to live in and travel with. So, following them, not only you can see amazing boats, but also can ask them for their professional opinion and start your own boat life.

So, follow them, choose the one you love, buy or rent it, start your own outstanding houseboat Instagram account and become one of the most popular ones by being inspirational and using Instagram followers apps.



Finally, if you are single and wanna try living on a boat, follow this account and learn some valuable lessons from her experiences. This amazing woman is the captain of her well-designed narrowboat, Dolly, and lives there with her funny dog. She travels all over London staying at her narrowboat and takes amazing photos to share on Instagram.

Following her, you can learn how to always be prepared to move to another place and maybe live in your boat for some days. So, check it out and get ready for it.


Final thoughts

To sum it up, boat life is an amazing living style that a vast number of people are enthusiastic about. However, it can be really hard. So, before buying your own boat to live in, follow the accounts introduced in this article and learn more about this lifestyle. In addition, since some of them are sharing photos of houseboats to sell, you can even choose and purchase your own boat from Instagram and start a new adventure in a true slice of heaven.

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