My Holidays on a Houseboat in Amsterdam: Here’s What You Need to Know

May 2020 Multimedia Bella Jonas Web Exclusive

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose a houseboat in Amsterdam without a second thought. The houseboats are like a front-row seat to vintage waterways and crooked, beautiful canal houses. I chose to spend my 5-days vacation in July 2019 among Amsterdam’s gorgeous canals. And it has been the best decision of my life so far. Sipping on my glass of wine and watching the sunset cast irresistible twinkling gold contours across the rippling water beneath me is way, way better than writing assignments.

Vacation In A Houseboat On The Amstel River

 There are 165 canals in Amsterdam. All of them combine for a length of over 60 miles. No wonder The Canal Ring became part of the UNESCO World’s Heritage Site in 2010. And there are approximately 2800 houseboats in all of Amsterdam. Not all houseboat locations will provide you with the central, quiet canal house background that you see in pretty postcards and travel magazines. Some like TPrinsengracht, may leave your houseboat squeezing in the middle of two adjacent houseboats.

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Amstel river canal is one of the most popular canals in Amsterdam. It is considered the heart of the city. It is the best place to get access to the mesmerising natural views and the ever-present parade of bikers in the streets of Amsterdam. All in all, vacationing on the Amstel river canal is no less than a fairytale.

My fiancé Mike and I reached the Amstel River by midnight. Though it was pretty late, the owner of our houseboat welcomed us with a warm smile and showed us around the boat.

What Was In Our Houseboat?


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There are two types of houseboats available for rent in Amsterdam- small and large. You can find houseboats of any budget out there in the Amstel River. We had decided to go on an exclusive vacation if our APA referencing generator project was successful. Our hard work paid off and so we booked one of the most quintessential houseboats in the Amstel River.

  • Our houseboat was divided into two sections- a smaller section and a larger section. The smaller section was near the stern. The larger one was near the bow. We preferred to stay in the smaller room at the back.
  • There was a large berth or rather a bed under the rear stern. Another bed was pressed against the wall. Despite having two beds in a room, it still felt very spacious.
  • The houseboat had a fully-equipped and wonderful kitchen along with drinkable tap water. There were lightning-fast WiFi and a modern, comfortable bathroom.
  • The larger room of the boat was simply unbelievable. There was a spacious bathroom just immediate right to our door. The bathroom had an amazing relaxation tub, as well.
  • We were introduced to a cosy dining room along with a larger kitchen after walking further into the room.
  • The secluded bedroom of the larger section was located at the bow of the boat. We had to descend down a few flights of stairs to reach this part of the larger section.

The most beautiful part was the small table along with two chairs placed on the deck for us to enjoy the views. Though the WiFi was pretty fast, we didn’t use it most of the time. It was relaxing enough to watch the boats pass by and the picturesque Skinny Bridge light up after sunset.

What About The Decorations & Comfort?

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It rained enough to turn an umbrella inside out at times during our stay in the Amstel River. But, the beds were comfortable and we weren’t bothered by the considerable wind and rain outside. We slept peacefully without any discernible rocking on the canal.

Houseboats are supposed to make the most of the small area available. Besides comfort, the houseboat also provided us with soothing decorations. It was a combination of modern art and eclectic antique pieces throughout the boat. The boat was as unique as it was spacious.

How Were The Views and the Tourist Spots?

Our houseboat offered a view of Amsterdam’s postcard-worthy canals right through the portholes in our room. At times, we would just sit by the large windows adjacent to the holes and just stare at the long stretches of the river. The famous Magere Brug or Skinny Bridge was right there before us on the Amstel River. The bridge looked magical in the evening. We were also a few blocks away from a wide series of lip-smacking eateries and happening bars.

Here’s a list of places we visited during our stay in Amsterdam:

  • Anne Frank House

We took an evening canal cruise that helped us explore the Anne Frank House for an hour. This structure once hid Anne Frank, her family and four Jewish people from Nazis in World War II.

  • Scheepvaartmuseum

This is the National Maritime Museum that features 18 rooms of artefacts and exhibits. The multi-storey museum depicts how the Dutch dominated the seas in historical sea battles.

  • The Opera House

 This Opera House is locally known as Stopera. The City Hall is a part of the same complex of buildings that were built around the same time in 1986. The official name of this House is Het Muziektheater.

  • The Koninklijk Theatre Carre

This theatre situated on the western side of Sam Square in the centre of the city. This theatre is home to brilliant Dutch artists and is a dream of youngsters wants to make a career in the stage.

Besides these, we also savoured the Dutch cheese and wine along with other delicacies of Amsterdam. Our location along the Amstel canal was perfect when it comes to exploring Amsterdam’s popular spots. It was also pretty easy to reach the destination from the airport. Our location was just a quick metro ride from the central train station followed by a two-block walk from Waterloople in a metro stop.

Wrapping Up

This was our first vacation on a houseboat in Amsterdam and it was wonderful. I learnt that the quality of these vacations mainly depends on the type of houseboat you choose. Make sure you check the reviews before reserving a houseboat for yourself or your family. Amsterdam is a city of canals. Vacationing in the houseboats can make you feel a part of this beautiful city.

Author Bio:

Bella Jonas is a professional tech blogger who is currently working at one of the leading IT firms in New York, USA. She has also been a part of for the past couple of years, delivering the best assignment service to students who seek assistance. She loves to adventure new places and make new friends during vacations.

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