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June 2020 Own

Houseboats come in all shapes and sizes and one could even argue that houseboats could be divided into sub-categories like the floating (or cruising) cottage. Back in our May/June issue of 2017, we featured one of Harbor Cottages’ 84- by 16-foot models, and this boat was nothing short of a floating paradise on the water.

The boat is perfect for entertaining a big family or group of friends, boasting five bedrooms that can comfortably sleep 12 people. It even has two full bathrooms with showers, vanities, and full-sized commodes. Then, if you venture up to the top deck, you find it perfect for basking in the sun, and the double-pane windows give you some unbeatable views of the water.

You’ll also never feel cramped while inside since the ceilings in the main cabin level are 9 whopping feet high and the lower staterooms aren’t too stingy either with 6-foot, 7-inch ceilings. Considering the energy efficiency with the traditional designs, you really can’t beat a boat like this.

Harbor Cottages

Affordable with unique designs and a wealth of amenities, Harbor Cottages adheres to its goal of keeping houseboating affordable for everybody. With them, there’s no such thing as an exclusive club and they believe in giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy the houseboating lifestyle with the rest of us. Harbor Cottages engineers their energy-efficient, low-maintenance houseboats in such a way that gives people the freedom to customize aspects in the boats such as spiral staircases, granite top wet bars with a stone exterior and stainless steel fridge, or 24-foot fiberglass party tops with eight LED lights and two fans.

Everything from the professionally engineered, in-house welded aluminum displacement hull to the proprietary isolation transformer that utilizes high-powered magnets to prevent Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) is a testament that the Harbor Cottages team knows exactly what they’re doing. You can even choose whether or not you want a propulsion system since some boaters prefer to stay in their slips and use their houseboat as more of a floating home, and this can cut down on cost and maintenance in the long run. Then if you change your mind later, it’s a simple matter to add a high-performing engine and thruster package to get you out to that private cove on the weekends. To top it off, Harbor Cottages also has a sister company, SummerSun Houseboats, which hit the scene in 2017, so be sure to check those spectacular houseboats out as well.

Date Founded: 2016
Location: Nancy, Ky.
Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 16’ X 52'
Smallest Houseboat to Date: 16’ X 52'
Largest Houseboat to Date: 16’ X 84'
Hull Design: Aluminum Displacement Hull
Water Applications: Saltwater, Brackish and/or Freshwater
In-house Transportation: No
In-house Interior Decorating: Yes

Harbor Cottages

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