Super Power

June 2020 Feature

The Houseboat staff was able to cruise around on one of the first Land & Sea RVs ever built back in the summer of 2018. It belonged to Doug Bagby and we joked with the owner at that time about having a super power since his 25-foot houseboat doubles as an RV camper with the ability to tame dry lands and raging waters.

We recall being very impressed with the thought and the attention to detail that went in this houseboat, as well as a long list of standard features to help make it truly feel unique to you and your tastes. We spent a little time with Doug and his girlfriend Linda Casey as they camped on the shores of Clearwater Lake in Missouri, before launching the boat that was easily towed by his RAM diesel truck. It’s like they had two vacations that week, first plugged in at an RV park and then spent some time overnight on the water anchored in their favorite cove.  

Land and Sea

Land and Sea RV was founded on a need that prior to 2016 wasn’t being met in the US for an attractive trailerable houseboat that could be used for camping both on land and on water. This all changed over three years ago when Land and Sea RV began manufacturing stylish houseboats. Today consumers can enjoy any traveling scenario they might want without having to choose between purchasing a boat or an RV. With Land and Sea RV, you simply get the best of both worlds.

The completely custom houseboats range in size from 20 to 33 feet with the 26-footer being its most popular size. The manufacturer developed a unique shallow catamaran hull, which is very stable when camping on the water and also breaks through waves with ease while at speeds up to 35 mph.

Orientation is provided with every customer so owners are completely comfortable with all of the functions before taking possession, and transportation is available when needed. Every step of the build process is customized for the end-user all the way from floorplans to interior finishes; customers get many options along the way and even bring in their own ideas.

Date Founded: 2016
Location: Seymour, Mo.
Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 26-foot Freedom
Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 20-foot
Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 33-foot
Hull Design: Shallow Catamaran Hull
Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal
In-house Transportation: Yes
In-house Interior Designer:  Yes

Land and Sea RV

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