The Loveland Family’s Adonia

June 2020 Own

We featured the Loveland family’s houseboat Hysteria in our Sept/Oct issue last year, and the Lovelands are not the only ones who think their boat is special. Decked out from top to bottom, this boat is truly spectacular and makes for the perfect getaway on Lake Powell. Jim Loveland and his family have owned several houseboats over the years, but this is their first houseboat they’ve had custom built. With that said, the boat fits the his family like a glove, and there’s never any question as to whether they’ll be able to comfortably fit all their family and friends on the boat since the vessel comes fully equipped with two master bedrooms, six standard bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two kid cuddies and a locker room.

The Lovelands have now had two full seasons with their Hysteria and they could not be more pleased with their decision to build a custom houseboat with Adonia. Jim mentioned that he’s had the opportunity to take his family on some awesome vacations ranging from Hawaii to Europe, but whenever he asks them what their favorite vacation is, they always say houseboating on Hysteria at Lake Powell. For the Loveland family, building a houseboat with Adonia has been a total slam dunk.

Adonia Yachts

Named after Adonis, the Greek god of beauty and desire, it’s no surprise that Adonia Yachts embraces these qualities to fullest. After all, this manufacturer is all about taking things to the next level when it comes to houseboating. They build distinct, high-end builds, featuring the latest in technology and design. President Dave Taylor has been in the houseboat industry for nearly twenty years, and his experience shines through in Adonia’s design, manufacturing, service and remodel business. One simply has to look at these gorgeous models to understand Adonia’s commitment to excellence.

Their manufacturing facility of 60,000 square feet in St. George, Utah, runs at full capacity, designing and building some of the biggest, most complex yachts in the United States. The facility boasts fully-enclosed multi-story living areas, Nana Wall technology, and two-story open atriums. Judging by their designs and use of the latest technology, it’s clear this manufacturer continuously pushes the boundaries of houseboats.

The Adonia Yachts team focuses on ensuring that everything from exterior to the smallest interior touches are designed to dazzle with all the steps of the manufacturing business being personally looked over in-house at their facility.  

Date Founded: 2013
Location: St. George, Utah
Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: AL Series, the traditional Adonia Custom
Smallest Houseboat to Date: 18’ X 75’
Largest Houseboat to Date: 24’ X 120’
Hull Design: Custom Aluminum Hull
Water Applications: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal
In-house Transportation: Yes
In-house Interior Decorating: Yes

Adonia Yachts

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