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When it comes to unique and innovative houseboats, Eco-Sea Cottages truly stands out. Back in 2017 we showcased three of the manufacturer’s different styles—the classic wood-framed, the modern metal-framed, and the all-fiberglass houseboats. The wood-framed houseboats resemble a typical land-bound home where you won’t miss out on any homey comforts. Then, the metal-framed houseboat is actually a highly modified cargo container complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and bright colors. Lastly, the all-fiberglass model houseboat, the Savanti cruiser, is built to handle a thousand-mile coastal or river expedition in 3- to 5-foot swells at speeds up to 15 miles per hour—so it clearly isn’t your typical houseboat which makes it pretty spectacular. But don’t be fooled—all the models mentioned above have their virtues. For example, wood-framed cottages are perfect for those quiet, peaceful stretches of water. Plus, propulsion is an option since many customers prefer to keep their floating cottage moored in their favorite lake. Then, the metal-framed cargo container houseboat has its own virtues too, such as the optional rooftop deck that can function as a sunbathing area or even a lawn or garden.

Eco-Sea Cottages

Enjoy the adventurous roaming side of houseboating? Or do you perhaps prefer relaxing and taking in the comforts of dockside living? Either way, Eco-Sea Cottages has you covered. After the manufacturer’s hit debut of its original stationary wood-framed houseboats at the Seattle In-The-Water Boat show over ten years ago, Eco-Sea Cottages hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it’s begun a tradition: it adds another newly designed boat to its lineup every year. They even offer a $25,000 early-bird discount six months before its first launch. It’s hard to beat a deal like that.

Now Eco-Sea Cottages has well over ten different models ranging from up to 28 feet, which includes their modern metal-framed Box Sea models. They have their modern metal-framed BoxSea models (highly-customized cargo containers), SAVANTI models, and now their all-aluminum BearCat models. All of the models are elegant, fully-equipped, liveaboard vessels. The houseboats include all major appliances, heat and air-conditioning, big TVs, big fireplaces, walk-around king-size beds and fantastic kitchens. It doesn’t take much to imagine the pleasure that comes with living aboard your own floating home while experiencing the unique joys of fishing, swimming or kayaking right from your porch.

Date Founded: 2007
Location: Seattle, Wash. 
Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: SAVANTI 36 and LuxeCat 40 & 44
Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 14’ X 28'
Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 18’ X 50' (2-story)
Hull Design: Resin-Infused FG Cat Hulls
Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Coastal Cruising
In-house Transportation: Yes
In-house Interior Designer: Yes

Eco-Sea Cottages

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