Petite Porcelain Throne

April 2021 Product

Meet the Lite Flush, Jabsco’s electric toilet with low power consumption and style to boot. This product is designed to upgrade any existing manual Jabsco toilet with straightforward installation. Like its predecessors, the Lite Flush has the same footprint, fixing points, and hose attachments. Unlike its predecessors, this head comes fitted with a newly designed quiet flush pump with large clearances for avoiding those dreaded blockages. Its lightweight design includes a ceramic bowl and plastic outer casing that are simple to clean. You can opt for a footswitch or wall-mounted control panel for flushing. And with only 1.3 quarts used per flush, this efficient head cuts back on power and water usage compared to other electric toilets. Designed for inland waterways, rivers, lakes, or the sea, the Lite Flush can be installed above or below the waterline.

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