Innovative VL Flex 52 Gauge Now Offered in White

April 2022 News

Round gauges have come a long way from simple needles showing a single readout. Today's modern alternative is the VL Flex 52 from Veratron. Simple to install, the innovative 2" round color instrument can be programmed to display up to 22 sets of data from a wide range of onboard sensors. It's perfect for refitting boats with existing holes in the dash or for OEMs desiring a convenient and cost-effective upgrade to a model with limited console space. And now, the VL Flex 52 is available in white.

The VL Flex 52 has a 1.44" sun-readable TFT display that shows a large, easy-to-read numeric value and colored bar graph. A two-in-one instrument, it can also show two separate data layouts simultaneously. Alarms are easily configured and shown in bright red when thresholds are met. Waterproof to IP67 standards, it has a PMMA lens with an anti-fog coating to ensure readability in any weather.

Highly adaptable, the VL Flex 52 instrument will display analog sensor data such as engine RPM, temperature, pressure and speed, tank levels, and rudder and trim position. Connected digitally, the VL Flex 52 gauge supports NMEA2000® or SAEJ1939 through CAN ports, NFC contactless sensors and LIN networks for use with Veratron products like its award-winning Intelligent Battery Sensor.

While technologically advanced, the VL Flex 52 is surprisingly simple to set up with Veratron's Android or iOS companion app. With an embedded passive NFC receiver, the mobile device is tapped against the instrument to connect. This is especially valuable to OEMs who can quickly pre-configure multiple devices prior to installation and have them working immediately. Plus, because each gauge is capable of displaying up to 22 data sets, an array of multiple VL Flex 52 instruments can provide an astounding amount of information in a small space.

Installing the CE, Reach and RoHS-compliant Veratron VL Flex 52 is easy. The flame-retardant polycarbonate housing can be flush- or surface-mounted with the integrated spinlock. The instrument operates at 12/24V and has over-voltage and reverse polarity protection. An 8-pin Tyco/Hirschmann MQS plug makes for quick wiring.

Veratron's VL Flex 52 is available in black or white with nine different styling rings available. An optional cockpit bracket expands the instrument's adaptability, allowing it to be installed on a horizontal surface. The VL Flex 52 is offered as a configurable gauge or bundled as a 12V or 24V kit with Veratron's Intelligent Battery Monitor. Prices start at $130.99.

Contact Veratron US, Inc., 250 N. Sunny Slope Rd., Ste 127, Brookfield, WI 53005.

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