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Specializing in building a luxury vessel, your dream boat can be however big your dreams are. Waterways will build around your requirements to suite whatever houseboating needs you have in mind. With craftsmen that have an eye for detail, granite, ceramic tile, stainless steel appliances, leather furniture and chandeliers are items commonly found aboard a Waterways custom. As the industry changes, so does this Canadian manufacturer. Other unique offerings include high-speed internet on its fleet as well as vessels with board rooms for business functions.

Waterways has been crafting houseboats in British Columbia and testing its boats in its rental fleet on Shuswap Lake for nearly 40 years. Each boat is individually crafted using only the best material-Fibertech 13/16 Heat Laminated walls, fiberglass superstructure and a one-piece fiberglass reinforced roof. No screw holes penetrate the exterior membrane and all exposed fasteners are stainless steel. And its pontoons are double plated fore and aft for more strength when beaching. Reinforced beaching rails on the nose cones also contribute to a strong design.

Date Founded: Incorporated in 1968

Location: Sicamous, BC, Canada

Best-selling model or floor plan: Custom

Smallest houseboat built to date: 40' by 14'

Largest houseboat built to date: 94' by 24'

Hull Design: Aluminum Pontoons

Water Application: Lakes

In-house transportation available: No

In-house interior designer available: Yes


"Many people love being on the lake and Waterways provides you with a comparable alternative to owning lake property. Explore the lake while in your custom vacation home; it's a great lifestyle choice."

- Colleen Anderson

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