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Perfect for underwater maintenance

Published online: Feb 08, 2014 Industry

To keep houseboat bottoms looking as nice as their topsides, the new PowerShark WB3000 from Waveblade, Inc. tackles the toughest biofouling with ease. This rugged, handheld, battery-powered maintenance tool works up to 20-feet underwater, as well as on land.

PowerShark efficiently and safely removes barnacles and growth in seconds. The ideal shallow dive maintenance tool, it helps keep hulls, props, shafts, through-hulls and other surfaces clean. Regular fouling removal helps maintain a hull's efficiency, and keeps water intakes and other critical equipment clog-free. It also reduces costly haulouts.

Unlike traditional hull cleaning that depends on friction and the user's strength, the PowerShark employs a powerful, patented resonant wave technology. The tool's cleaning head oscillates at 3,000 rpm with additional harmonics, disrupting the chemical bond between materials. PowerShark needs only a light touch to work. It won't damage fiberglass or metal hulls, and is safe for rubber, PVC, conduit, wood and concrete surfaces. In fact, users can touch the tool's blade while it's operating with no risk of injury.

The PowerShark WB3000 kit with tool, battery pack and charger, three blades and storage bag retails for $995. Extra batteries cost $295 each, and spare stainless steel blades start at $24.99. (877-895-9283/