HO, HO, HO From the Coast Guard Auxiliary

November 2005 News

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary would like to make some holiday suggestions to those who are buying gifts for their loved ones. For those who are purchasing gifts for a "water" person, be they a power boater, a sailor, a kayaker, a diver or even a duck hunter, why not purchase a gift based on safety?

Here is a list of safety based items, sorted by price, with the least expensive on top, and the most expensive on bottom. When it comes to safety gear, cost vs. potential benefits don't always coincide.

The auxiliary will also put an approximate cost based on random Internet on-line catalogs.

1.    Whistle - $6
2.    Strobe Light - $10
3.    Basic PFD (Type II) - $12
4.    Mirror - $14
5.    Flares (Personal Qty 3) - $29
America's Boating Course (given by your local Auxiliary Flotilla)- $35
7.    Emergency Knife - $40
8.    Inflatable PFD (Type V) - $135
9.    Float Coat (Type III PFD) - $230
10.  PEPIRB (406Mhz) - $650
11.  Donation to Operation Life Ring dedicated to helping those members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Coast Guard who have suffered due to Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Cost - Priceless

Donations can be made on-line at www.operationlifering.org.


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