Triple Whammy From The Towdster

May 2006 News

Yes, you can take it with you.
Houseboaters love their toys. In the case of accessory craft, those toys serve a valuable purpose by extending the vacation far beyond the range and exploratory capabilities of the houseboat itself. The catch, of course, is towing it all out there in a safe and convenient manner.
To address this challenge, the "Towdster" was created a few years back in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota.  A family of six needed a way to safely tow two personal watercrafts behind their pontoon.  While boating thru channels from lake to lake mission impossible was now mission accomplished. The growing popularity of boats, pontoons, houseboats and personal watercraft in combination makes this accessory a must.
If you have attended any of the recent National Houseboat Expos, this fact should be obvious. The Towdster has proven itself over the years as a critical tool for active, sports-minded houseboaters. The Towdster actually comes in a few different guises, depending on the needs of the boater: the TowdsterS, V and Tri.


Tow Fishing boats, Speed Boats, Ski Boats, Jet Boats, Personal Watercraft andother smaller Watercraft. Towed watercraft won't hit your boat when slowing down or stopping. Ideal for use with most pontoons and houseboats. Easily stores when not in use. Floats if dropped or left in water. (The patented Towdster design expands 12" to 14" when you speed up and retracts when you slowdown.)


Towed watercraft will stay centered and will not sway from side to side or fishtail. 

Easily connects to the transom or swim platform. Also ideal for use with most pontoons and houseboats. 


Towed watercraft will stay back 22' when in motion and stay centered without fishtailing. Easily folds up for retrieving watercraft or backing up. Tow more than one watercraft with additional TOWDSTER towing device. Ideal for a wide variety of boats including bass boats, cruisers, cuddy cabins,deck boats, runabouts, water-ski boats and yachts to name a few. 16'out to 21' shock rope with stainless steel snap hook included.


Sound interesting? For more information on this great trio of towing products, contact Farley at 2074 Stillwater Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110; phone: 651-261-0685.

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