Flying Dinghies For Houseboaters?

August 2006 News
As reported in our Sept. 2006 issue, there are a lot of choices in Sport Aviation and if you want your Sport Flying to be combined with the houseboat, you will want to explore the Airborne Trikes, with pontoons. There is also a plane that combines a rigid inflatable with a Rotax engine and a collapsible wing. You can expect a similar experience as in the Airborne, but it was pointed out to me that the large hull becomes like another wing and could upset at a critical moment. The advantage is the move around space, once you arrive at your favorite fishing hole and need to get serious.
One such plane is called the Polaris Flying Inflatable Boat. If you choose this type of flying, make sure you hire a very experienced and capable instructor, like Shawn and then see for yourself. The key is to find the right dealer and the right instructor. Make sure you have a strong relationship before settling on an instructor, so you can get the most out of your time and investment.

The most attractive thing about the new Sport Pilot license is the exceptional value to the beginner. The FAA requires 20 hours of instruction, 15 with and instructor and five hours of solo. You should be able to get a Sport Pilot license for around $2000. Compare that to about $5000 for a traditional Pilot's License and you see the savings and affordability. Another nice thing about the Sport Pilot rating is your driver's license is your medical. You do not need an aviation physical and that opens more doors than ever before...

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