Easy tips for houseboat owners

February 2009 News Richard Killey

There is no doubt that buying new or used houseboats can be a great new experience, full of thrills. Naturally, you are excited and want to celebrate your new purchase by inviting your new friends to join you on the water. There are some things that just have to be done first, however, and if you neglect those chores in favor of hurrying out onto the water, you could be very sorry.

You need to at least take care of some essential paperwork. The three most important sets include:

Firstly, the registration and title documents. Number two, you should immediately take care of any outstanding taxes. It is sad to say, but true, that, large numbers of new boat owners have accidents long before they ever use their boats. If you haven't done the boring job and got yourself some good insurance, your dream can quickly become a nightmare. You'll find that having your friends over even after you have completed your paperwork is a horrible idea, as well. Why? Because this is a new boat that you have no experience with so if you want to look impressive, then you have to know exactly what you're doing.

If this is your first time in owning a boat, you might wish to enroll in a short safety course so that you know all the important aspects of water safety. Even if you have previous boating experience, this vessel is new and different from the other ones. That first trip should be with a boating expert, so that they can assist you through the basics. Maneuvers such as docking and turning in tight spaces require practice, and mistakes can be expensive! You should be comfortable at the helm before taking passengers on board.

You might be able to party with your friends at that point, yet there is still an additional consideration to be taken into account. You have probably spent a lot of money on your new boat, and if so, you will want to make sure your investment is protected. You likely already know where it will be stored, but most people fail to keep in mind how. If you do not protect your purchase from the elements, your new toy will quickly decay. Maintenance may take a lot of time, effort, and money, but you will save money in preventing problems instead of fixing them.

You need to purchase a decent cover for your used houseboat, and make sure that it is attached correctly. Many different sizes and shapes, and colors are available, but you should get one that is tailor-made for your boat. There are many different fabrics to chose from as well, and you have to choose carefully, because this can make a huge difference. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of boating if you take the time to do the chores required ahead of time. To find more about the best used houseboats for sale search online.

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