BP Fishing Boat Simulator at Conley Bottom Resort

May 2009 News

Children of all ages enjoyed a fishing boat simulator at Conley Bottom Resort Sunday. Fishing enthusiasts had the chance to get behind the wheel of a real fishing boat simulator and take it for a spin.

The bass boat looked real enough, and once seated behind the wheel, it began to move up and down, giving participants the feeling of truly being on the lake. You could carefully wind your way through a course on the large screen in front of you, or put the petal to the floor, and see what she would do. The best part was doing a 360 turn, hitting the wake you had created, and flipping the boat. But not to worry, you didn't get wet.
Jack and Vickie Milner from Toledo are retired, and spend five weeks at a time going around the country letting folks experience the joys of boating. This free event is sponsored by BP & FLW Outdoors, and hosted by Charley Denney & Fred Piercy of Conley Bottom Resort. Charlie and Fred wanted to give everyone a chance to feel what it's like to take your boat down the lake, and see how it's something anyone can learn to do. They hope people will want to come back to their marina and take advantage of their wonderful facilities right here on beautiful Lake Cumberland in Wayne County.


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