Eviction notices issued to Sutherland Bay houseboats

March 2011 News Doris Janssen - CHBC News

Houseboats moored illegally on Kelowna's waterfront have been put on notice: move it or lose it.

The houseboats currently being targeted are within the waters of Sutherland Bay, near the base of Knox Mountain.

While some are in violation of a City lease of water area designated for public recreation, others are outside the leased waters, in an area designated as W1 Recreational Water Use Zone.

The houseboats in the leased area have been given 15 days to be moved, while the ones in the W1 zone that remain from March 1st onward will be part of a City application for an injunction in BC Supreme Court when the city looks for approval to take enforcement action.

It was back in 2008 when the City drove houseboats out of Sutherland Bay with threat of court action, sending owners to seek moorage in other areas of Okanagan Lake including Gellatly Bay. The District of West Kelowna chased those houseboats out with court action as well.

The City of Kelowna has yet to apply to the courts for an injunction on the latest houseboat moorage issue.


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