Stand Up Paddleboards

December 2012 Product
Have you tried the newest trend in watersports? If not, you have to try Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP). The popularity of Stand up Paddleboards has driven Bros Boards to offer Imagine Surf and Body Glove SUP paddleboards,  SUP paddles, packages and complete rental programs.

Stand up paddleboarding is the fastest-growing part of the surf industry and has been quickly gaining popularity for all ages around the world. Our stand up paddleboards are durable, very stable and user-friendly. Within 10 minutes most people can master the balance and techniques needed to enjoy paddleboarding. We have had over 300 people demo our SUPs for their first time and only about 8 have ended up in the water (4 by messing around). Now we offer Imagine Surf SUPs, designed for Whitewater Rivers, making Stand up paddleboarding on class 2 easy and class 5 possible. Don't miss all the fun.

There are many benefits of stand up paddleboarding including exercise, transportation, maintance, and FUN. Anywhere there is water at least 12 inches deep you can take your stand up paddleboard and have fun. The ocean, the lake, the river, a pond or a deep creek all make a perfect environment for paddleboards, and you do not need any wind or waves to have a good time. Of course waves make it even more fun, versitle and exciting. Great exercise is another positive benefit of paddleboardingby burning up to 700 calories an hour while improving your balance and allowing you to gain core strength and tone while having  fun.

We are currently setting up rental and sale operations at many marinas and liverys around the country.

Our paddleboards offer durable Body Glove and Imagine Surf paddleboards, names you can trust that will not chip, crack or break like fiberglass boards - perfect for rentals. Stand up, Kneel, sit down kayak style or lay down. Paddles convert to double Kayak paddle. They are low maintenance, you just wipe them clean. It's fun and easy to learn for all ages. Great to get around in harbors, no wake areas, on flat water lakes, ponds, rivers and now whitewater rivers. Currently you can rent at:

Bigkat's Kayaks and Canoes
on the Mississinewa river
in Marion, Indiana

Sunset Marina
on Dale Hollow Lake, KY

Flat Hollow Marina
on Norris Lake, TN

Cedar Grove Marina
on Norris Lake, TN

Powell Valley Marina
on Norris Lake, TN

Board Now
on Chautauqua Lake. NY

Great Lakes Jet Ski & Boat Rental
Cleveland/Lake Erie

Call today for more information (513) 305-6902 or visit

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