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Great news for the industry: Sumerset Houseboats LLC is back producing houseboats. With the acquisition by Thoroughbred Houseboats, Sumerset Houseboats are produced at the Thoroughbred facility near Monticello, Ky.

Sumerset has a big name following and also a high-quality heritage that dates back to the mid-70s. Future produced houseboats will continue with this quality and innovation. Two Sumerset houseboats were shipped toward the end of 2012 with plans to deliver three to five more in early 2013.  


Date Founded:  1976

Location: Monticello, Ky.

Best-Selling Model or Floor Plan: 18x75 or 20 x 100

Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 50’ X 15’    

Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 23’ X 125’

Hull Design: All Aluminum Mono Hulls

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-House Transportation: Yes  

In-House Interior designer: Yes



Manufacturer Comment:

“Sumerset Houseboats was recently acquired by Thoroughbred Houseboats. The name Sumerset has been synonymous with quality for many years. Thoroughbred Houseboats is excited to carry on the legacy of this great brand and plans to incorporate many of the same famous features seen on many Sumerset boats.”

Shawn A. Heinen, President


2012 Recap:

Starting in 2012, Sumerset boats will have similar looks to the past but with some new future ideas, including the curved front glass wall. This feature will make the boat feel bigger and more futuristic, according to the manufacturer. The Sumerset forward seating bridge is exclusive to its boats as well as the new 15-foot-wide curved bimini tops. Boats will come with the marine electrical panels, water manifolds, and many other features seen on Sumerset boats.

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