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Sunstar houseboats started in 1995 and to date has constructed 283 custom houseboats in 17 years in business. A great number of Sunstar personnel have many years experience in houseboat construction. Since the mid 1990’s until 2007, Sunstar built on average 18 to 20 boats per year depending on the size and amount of equipment. In 2007 the economy weakened considerably for the houseboat industry and until early 2011 the Kentucky-based manufacturer endured some difficult times with the second half of 2011 being better.

At this time Sunstar has some orders in place for spring of 2013 and is optimistic for the future, yet still concerned about the continued rise in cost of materials. In early 2011 the builder expanded its number of trucks and trailers as a chance to get involved in the large houseboat transportation market. Sunstar now has the capability to move boats up to 135 feet in length, which are fully insured.


Date Founded: 1995

Location:  Monticello, KY

Best-Selling Model or Floor Plan: 16’ X 75’ Side Hall

Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 14’ X 43’

Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 20’ X 110’

Hull Design: Aluminum Semi-V

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-House Transportation: Yes

In-House Interior Designer: Yes



Manufacturer Comment:

“We feel what makes us unique to our competitors is that when you shop with Sunstar you are dealing direct with the owners, where sometimes that may not be the case with all builders. We have always aspired to build the best boat, and not necessarily the most boats.”

George Roberts, Owner


2012 Recap:

Since 2007, Sunstar considers 2012 to be its strongest year to date. In the fall of 2011 the builder started writing orders for boats and since January 2012 has built and delivered seven boats with one more Intracoastal model scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year.


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