How To: Do A Handstand On A SUP

Published in the July 2013 Issue July 2013 News Joan Wenner

This is how to do a handstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP):


1. Standing alongside the board, place the paddle across the deck of the board and use it as an outrigger.

2. Hold the board by the rails (edges). One hand will also be holding the paddle grip.

3. Pop yourself onto the board into a kneeling position, just behind the center point of the board.

4. From that kneeling position, get a feel for the balance point of the board. The nose shouldn't pop up out of the water and the tail shouldn't dig in.

5. Keep your hands on either side of the board to stabilize it.

6. Once you're ready, stand up on the board one foot at a time. Place your feet where your knees were. You might also bring a friend to wade out about knee-deep with your board. Have your friend stabilize the board as you get the hang of it.


So there you go, simple as can be. But you might want to make sure your health insurance is paid up.

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