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[Gibson42lc]  My 85 Gibson has the original paint outside. I want to paint the deck and would like to keep it looking as original as possible. Does anyone know how to do the speckled paint look on a Gibson deck? Also, all decking is solid and has no soft spots and doesn’t appear to leak. However, it pops and cracks when you walk on the front after being away for the week. It isn’t as bad after you walk on it a bit. What causes this and how can I quiet it? Or can I?


[42gibson] When I was at Gibson’s factory, Bill Surface told me they cut the air pressure on the gun they use to apply the gel coat with to get the bumps in it that you’re talking about. My old Gibson had the original gel coat and had the same creaking and snapping sound but it stopped when it got hot out.


[SinOrSwim]  I know a guy in our marina who used the garage floor speckle stuff. It worked well. He only had his boat here a couple of years so I’m not sure how it held up but it looked really good after he did it.


Do you have some advice on repairing the deck? Offer your advice at 

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