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Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013 News Michael Deulley and Tommy Bailey

With summer on its way, people will be getting out of their houses and into the sun soon. Houseboating will be in full swing and knowing the perfect spot to set your anchor this year is going be the difference for those who are sitting pretty at their slip, drinking a margarita and toasting to friends, and those who are hunting for a place to stay.

Luckily, we've compiled a list of marinas throughout the country to help take you from dreaming of your perfect houseboating adventure to kicking back this summer in your home away from home.

For this year, we've found 10 different marinas placed throughout the country and highlighted them, just to show what you can look forward to this year if you intend on heading to any one of these great locations. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough space to write about every great marina in the country, so we created an extensive list of marinas that offer a lot of great opportunities for you and your loved ones this year who are looking to get on the water.


Aqualand Marina

Lake Lanier, Ga.

Lake Lanier rests at the foot hills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and spreads dendritically over 59 square miles of Georgia's lush land. Aqualand Marina has certainly taken advantage of all of the beauty that the Appalachian mountain range has to offer the work-weary vacationer. Lake Lanier's shores cover 692 miles and is regularly fed by the Chattahoochee and Chestatee rivers. There are few places in the country that can rival the splendor and magnificence of the Appalachian range. To be able to witness it all from the deck of a houseboat would make lasting smiles and memories. Houseboat owners have no choice but to submit to the beauty and serenity of Lanier and the surrounding lush forests of the Blue Ridge foothills.

While on the water, houseboaters are given a seemingly unlimited list of amenities offered at Aqualand Marina. Equipped with a gasoline fuel dock, dockside picnic areas, a plethora of amenities located at any one of its 1,725 boat slips, which easily accommodate houseboats up to 100 feet. Annual rental prices for houseboat slips range from $3,400 a year for a 40-foot slip up to $13,520 a year for a 100-foot slip. After an exciting day on the water enjoy some delicious dining at their Dockside Grill. After your houseboat and belly are topped off, enjoy the splendor and peace of Lake Lanier and let the stresses and frustrations of life melt away in the Georgia sun.



Gallatin Marina

Old Hickory Lake, Tenn.

Bordering five different counties in north-central Tennessee, Old Hickory Lake can be found nestled only a short drive upstream from Nashville. Covering over 22,000 acres, Old Hickory gives guests an opportunity to experience the beauty and serenity that was once found across the Midwest. For houseboaters looking for a great opportunity to stay on the lake, looking into a slip at Gallatin Marina is the best place to start. Slip leasing is done monthly and can accommodate houseboats up to 90 feet long. Rates are based on the size of the slip and range from $425 a month for a 50-foot slip to $780 a month for a 90-foot one. If you find yourself needing to fill up, Gallatin has a gas dock available on site. If the day of play has you a little hungry, take a break and grab some grub over at the Awedaddys restaurant. Whatever your need is, Gallatin will have you covered.

Visitors will find there are an almost unlimited number of activities to get involved with at Old Hickory Lake. Even if you decide to step ashore and explore, making your way to Nashville and absorbing all of the illustrious history and sites is nothing more than a simple drive down the road. While there, visitors can get the warm welcome of southern hospitality, and if some good old fashioned rock and roll is on the menu, take a short journey over to Graceland and take a moment to visit the home of the king himself, Elvis Presley. Whether you're looking to absorb the history of Tennessee or some soul-soothing rays aboard your houseboat, Old Hickory Lake is a great place to be.



Grandpappy Marina

Lake Texoma, Texas/Okla.

Located next to the Red River and Washita Rivers, Lake Texoma is formed by Denison Dam on the Red River about 726 miles upstream from the mouth of the river. The lake is approximately five miles northwest of Denison, Texas, and 15 miles southwest of Durant, Okla.

There is so much to do at Lake Texoma, you most likely won’t have time to do everything. The lake area includes two wildlife refuges, two state parks, 12 marinas, and 26 resorts. Texoma is a popular place among campers as there are hundreds of accessible camping grounds. You can also tee it up at a variety of excellent golf courses. Power boating, sailing, personal watercraft, water skiing and wind surfing are just a few of the activities that are popular for boaters.

Located on Lake Texoma, Grandpappy Point Resort & Marina has been voted “Best Marina” by the Marina Association of Texas. It is a full-service marina operating year round with 835 houseboat slips with prices ranging from $515-$618 monthly. There is also a 35-ton marine travel lift and a mast step crane.

Full repair services are available, as are parts and accessories. Grandpappy Point also offers a fuel dock, ship store, boat sales and rentals, as well as cabins and RV park.

There is no better way to wind down after a fun-filled day on the lake than visiting The Point Restaurant. The restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the lake as well as delicious food.

Not long after Lake Texoma was built, Grandpappy Point Marina was established as a small fishing camp in 1950. Since then, Grandpappy Point Marina has developed into a vast complex covering over 180 acres and offering a wide range of services and amenities.

Grandpappy Marina at Lake Texoma has proven time and time again to be a family favorite among visiting tourists.



Holly Bluff Marina

St. Johns River, Fla.

For houseboaters finding their way to Florida this season, don't miss the opportunity to mosey across the lazy waters of the St Johns River. Winding through 310 miles, St. Johns River is one of the few U.S. waterways that travels in a northerly direction. If you find yourself entranced by the beauty that is St Johns, dock your houseboat at Holly Bluff Marina, located in DeLand, Fla. Holly Bluff offers upwards of 40 houseboat slips at $8 per foot, per month. If you don't own a houseboat, Holly Bluff has 10 timeshare-leased houseboats and five for rent to the general public. If getting to Holly Bluff puts a bit of wear and tear on your houseboat, take it to Holly Bluff's travel lift for a quick set of repairs. For any power issues, Holly Bluff also deals Volvo and Westerbeke generators and offers a gasoline fuel dock if you need to fill up.

Once you've set sail on the meandering river, be sure to take a camera and snap lasting memories that the scenic St Johns River provides. Pace yourself lazily downstream and watch the powerful, ancient alligator gracefully wind through the still, glassy waters. Feeling a little intimidated? Maybe you would prefer to share a picture with a bumbling manatee. Either way, St Johns offers a beautiful myriad of wild flora and fauna. Even if you've traveled every mile of St Johns, every trip will reward you with something new and awe-inspiring to reflect nostalgically on for years to come. Letting yourself meander peacefully with the river will provide peace and relaxation only the immortal waters of St Johns can offer.



Jamestown Resort and Marina

Lake Cumberland, Ky.

For a long time now, Lake Cumberland in Kentucky has had a reputation of being one of the most premier houseboating destinations out there. Jamestown Resort and Marina is one of the area’s best providers in houseboat and pontoon rental, along with lodge and cabin rentals. A 300-acre vacation hub on the lush north shore of the lake gives its customers access to all the activities, services, and amenities the region has to offer. Not far from three of the major airports: Lexington, Louisville and Nashville, Jamestown Marina has everything you could possibly need, and more.

If you’re looking for a fun activity off the boat, they’ve got you covered too. Jamestown Resort and Marina has a tennis court, swimming pool, and many different lodging options.

There are several services the marina provides, including a fuel dock, year-round boat storage, service department and many other options.

Close to 400 houseboats slips are available for rent. The price to rent depends on the length of the houseboat and can range from $4,595-$9,695 a year.

If you feel like taking a little break from the water, there are plenty of nearby facilities to satisfy your every need. There is a tourist center as well as a hospital, grocery store, and a number of different restaurants in the area.  For the golfers, there is a golf course approximately two miles from the marina.

Whether you are getting ready to walk down the aisle or you want to host a company party, the marina also enjoys hosting a number of various functions throughout the year.

Visit the Jamestown Resort and Marina website and you will see why it has become such a popular tourist attraction and continues to be one of the best vacationing areas in the United States.



Lee’s Ford Marina

Lake Cumberland, Ky.

The staff at Lee’s Ford Marina pride themselves when it comes to customer service and devote all their time to making sure you don’t leave the marina unhappy. They have the goal of making sure that whenever you come to visit, you have the most enjoyable experience possible. To help make this happen, they make it a point to host a number of family events throughout the year. These events include parties, tournament, and wholesome family activities. Need a place to dock the boat during your stay? Look no further. Lee’s Ford Marina offers as many as 290 houseboat rental slips with the cost ranging from $3,600-$7,550 a year. Some other services the marina provides include a gas dock, pump-out station, and a repair shop. At the marina store they offer boating accessories if you would like something to go along with your boat. If you would like to walk away with a souvenir, the store also has fashion accessories as well.

Need a place to stay? Cottage and condos are available for lodging. The lodging is located just above the edge of the lake and is no more than 300 yards from the marina. You will never go hungry as there is a restaurant located right at the marina for your convenience. An award-winning and often publicized dining facility, Harbor Restaurant is said to be one of the better restaurant choices in Kentucky. Don’t feel like going out to eat? You have another option. At Harbor Restaurant, they offer delivery to all cabins and slips, as well as to-go meals and carry-out. They are open year-round to accommodate visiting customers.



Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa

Lake Ouachita, Ark.

Lake Ouachita can be found in Ouachita National Forest, located near Hot Springs, Ark. Lake Ouachita covers over 900 miles of scenic, gorgeous shoreline and harbors over 200 islands, which provide visitors their own private slice of heaven. For visitors looking to spend their days floating across the glass surface of Ouachita's water, Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa offers more than 260 covered houseboat slips to accommodate houseboats ranging from 40 to 110 feet. Prices range from $3,100 a year for a 40-foot slip to $10,900 a year for a 110-foot stall. Mountain Harbor also provides a full-service floating ship store with a Subway to curb mid-day hunger, repair shop, fuel dock, and even a pump-out boat to remove any waste, so every need a boater may have will be adequately met. Don't own a houseboat? That's okay. Mountain Harbor is located close to DreamChaser houseboat rentals, which provides a perfect vacation getaway for houseboat enthusiasts who don't have one of their own or are just looking for a different lake to houseboat on.

Ouachita offers adventure seekers and visitors looking for the beautiful and unique an opportunity to witness a rare species of freshwater jellyfish, sponges and a plethora of beautiful freshwater fish, including world-class striped bass. Lake Ouachita is gorgeous in any season and is sure to draw feelings of awe and wonder from people who are looking for a scenic spot to vacate to. For houseboaters, nothing can rival the scenic beauty that Ouachita's 40,000 acres of water has to offer as it is encompassed in 20,000 acres of natural, protected forest land. The breathtaking beauty of Lake Ouachita can be viewed from any direction and with the comfort and leisure of a houseboat, Ouachita ranks second to none for a place to set sail on a houseboat and let the day drift away.



Seven Points Marina

Raystown Lake, Pa.

Completed in 1973, Raystown Lake stretches over 8,000 acres and offers visitors a large range of activities from scuba diving to fishing. At a glance, Raystown Lake looks as if it were a natural wonder of the world. Beautiful trees line the edge of the lake and give people the feeling that they've entered their own secret haven. For the houseboater looking for an exquisite spot to get away from the hustle of the daily world, Seven Points Marina offers the perfect experience. Coveted for its perfect location, Seven Points gives houseboaters an experience second to none. The marina offers those with a houseboat a spot to rest in one of its 946 boat slips, but be sure to reserve ahead of time; the marina is frequently hosting at full capacity and reservations are limited.

If docking your own boat is out of the question, don't worry, Seven Points offers guests a houseboat fleet consisting of 19 boats, ranging from 40 to 60 feet. The marina also gives vacationers an opportunity to get pre- and post-rental discounts and rent their boats from a Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday rental period and prices range from $662-$3,300 per rental period and depending on which boat is selected. While on the water, be sure to visit one of its ship stores and restaurant, which are both located at the marina and offer guests any amenity or necessity needed for a perfect week on the lake. A gas dock and pump-out facility are also available on site and will be sure to keep your houseboat powering across the beautiful expanse that is Raystown Lake.



Shasta Marina Resort

Lake Shasta, Calif.

Lake Shasta is located in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Northern California, just 20 miles north of Redding. With 370 miles of mountainous, forested shoreline, Lake Shasta can honestly be considered one of the better and most pristine houseboating lakes in the country.

The water is warm, clear and calm, perfect for swimming, skiing and wakeboarding. If you enjoy fishing, this is the place for you. Bass tournaments are hosted during the spring and fall. Trout, crappie, catfish and sturgeon are also plentiful. If you enjoy outdoor activities, hiking and mountain bike trails are maintained and are accessible by boat.

Shasta Marina Resort hosts some of the most luxurious houseboats you can dream of. Your goal while cruising around the lake is to experience this rugged and remote wilderness in comfort and style. Some of the services the marina provides include a fuel dock, marina store, repair shop, and hotel accommodations.

There are many houseboat slips available—211 to be exact—for rent, with the price of each slip ranging from $375-$476 a month.

Don’t have your own boat? That’s okay. At Shasta Marina, they have houseboats available for rent as well. All of the boats are equipped with everything you could possibly need in order to have a home away from home.

While staying on the lake, be sure to take some time to enjoy the wildlife and the scenery. There are black tail mule deer, bald eagles, osprey, black bears and so many others that can be seen in their natural habitat. The skies are so beautiful and crystal clear. You can see snow-covered mountains and if you look off in to the distance, it will feel like you can almost touch the stars.

When you come to visit Lake Shasta and see what it has to offer, you are almost certain to want to stay. At Shasta Marina, they offer a variety of activities for the whole family. Whether you like boating, fishing, hiking or just enjoying the scenery, you are sure to leave Lake Shasta with some memories.




Wahweap Marina

Lake Powell, Ariz./Utah

Lake Powell continues to be one of the most prime and popular vacation spots there is. The lake is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona, with most of it being in Utah. Lake Powell is a major vacation spot that around two million people visit every year. It is the second largest man-made reservoir in maximum water capacity in the United States behind Lake Mead.

At Wahweap Marina, the staff is willing to take care of your boat and make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you. It doesn’t matter who you are with or what kind of boat you are looking for, Wahweap Marina has everything that you will ever need.

There are many services that Lake Powell and Wahweap offer that many other lakes and marinas don’t.

They provide professionals and staff members to help you tend to your boat in anyway that is needed. If you need help knowing how to operate your boat and how to maneuver around the lake, there are always staff members more than willing to help.

No need to do any boat cleaning yourself because Wahweap Marina provides a thorough cleaning, inside and out, as well as fueling, waste pump-out, freshwater fill, propane tank exchange and trash removal—all from a marina you can trust.

There are 800 houseboat slips available and the cost ranges depending on how big your houseboat is and how long you would like the slip for. The price to rent a slip ranges from $1,275 to $1,430 per foot/per month.

If you feel up to doing a little bit of sightseeing, the marina offers private tours of the lake. There are also many different areas to fish throughout the lake and for those who are eager to reel in those fish, Wahweap also offers professional guided fishing tours.

Discover the hidden wonders of Lake Powell from the experienced experts who know it best. The licensed captains can provide you with unforgettable lake tours, whether it's for sightseeing, water-skiing or wakeboarding.


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