How We Got Our Name

Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013 News

It’s About Time

Our boat is called It’s About Time. The name of the boat came about because we always said, “It's about time to buy a boat.” While we’ve had houseboats for 10 years,  now that we are retired, we have decided it's about time to take time! The art work for the clock is from Salvador Dali. He did a collection of melting clocks called The Persistence of Memory, which is considered a masterpiece.

The knobs on cabinet doors have the clock printed on each one and we have the Melting Clock hung over the cuddy door as well. We keep the 3 bedroom, 2 bath boat at Southern Harbor Marina and Resort in Lanett, Ala.

Zack and Brenda Webb

Southern Harbor Marina, Lanett, Ala.


All Inn

We named our boat All Inn. We as a family wanted a houseboat because of our love of the lake. Our entire family moved from Anderson, Ind., to less than a mile from Hendricks Creek Dock and went in together to buy a 16- by 80-foot houseboat. We love playing cards and got our boat when Texas Hold ‘em was big so the perfect name for us was All Inn.

The Hosier Family

Hendricks Creek Resort, Burkesville, Ky.



Our houseboat is a 1973 Natualine and we named it Nauti-Dog because it just seemed to fit with the four dogs we have. Skipper and Buoy are Chinese Crested, while Stormey and Sweeney are white boxers. Stormey is deaf, so she is a little challenging on the boat since we have to use hand signals for her; therefore she can be a “nauti” dog. The dogs are our kids so they do everything with us. We live on the Chain-O-Lakes in Antioch, Ill. There are many lakes that connect by channels, but we live on a channel between Fox Lake and Petite Lake. Incidentally, the channel is named the “Dru thru Channel” named after yours truly; that's another story.

Dru Schwartz

Inland Harbor, Antioch, Ill.


Do you have a story behind your boat name that you’d like to share? Drop us an email at; we’d love to hear it.


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