How We Got Our Name

Published in the November 2013 Issue November 2013 News

Bond Voyage

Our boat is a 1978, 14- by 60-foot Summerset with an aluminum hull, which is rare for that time period. The rest of the boat is typical of the era of step-down boats across manufacturers and we’ve had it almost 10 years.

As for the name, the whole family was sitting around the table, just bouncing names out in conversation when my husband said, “Bond Voyage” and everyone agreed. He wasn’t even serious. Our last name is Bond and so the name stuck. Now we couldn’t imagine any other name for it.

We have such great friends that we’ve met because of houseboating. Our good friends decided to surprise my husband by building a tiki hut to the back of our houseboat. Friends all came by with “housewarming” tiki hut-themed gifts after it was installed.  

Jamie Bond

Willow Grove Marina, Dale Hallow Lake


Drift Off To Dream

When Travis Tritt released his song “Drift off to Dream” in 1990, I thought that would be a great name for a houseboat. So 15 years later, when I finally was able to purchase my first houseboat, the first thing I did was rename the boat Drift Off To Dream. Actually the day I found the boat, I heard that song on the radio so I knew it was a sign that it was the boat I was meant to have.  And it also works out well since my 1994 Mastercraft is named Linda's Dream.

Linda Cobb

Dale Hollow Lake


Pier Pressure

Our boat is a 1995, 55-foot AquaCruiser. It was already named Pier Pressure when we bought into the partnership three years ago and we thought the name was so cute! We are one of eight partners and they are all wonderful. My husband, Troy, and I also own a 2007 28-foot Chaparral that we named Wet Pay. My husband works in the oil field and when they are on the rigs and the well blows water, they get extra pay that day and it is called wet pay. People stop us all the time and ask us what the name of our boat means. It's quite the conversation starter!

Troy and Shannon Roehm

Bullfrog Marina, Lake Powell


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