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SkipperLiner has been building high-quality custom houseboats and commercial passenger and dinner cruise vessels since 1971. Its vessels are known for quality, dependability and durability.  SkipperLiner is also the largest builder of 149 passenger commercial vessels in the U.S.  With over 1,000 vessels built since inception, SkipperLiner has a long history and extensive experience meeting and exceeding the needs of its diverse customer base.

SkipperLiner builds deeper hulls—up to 96 inches—to provide maximum headroom and living space designed for style and performance. Its shipyard has room to build vessels up to 150 feet long and is completely indoors, which provides ultimate control of all the important variables that go into the construction of a quality vessel and keeps everything neat and clean throughout the entire process.

SkipperLiner's ability to customize the design of the vessel to meet the customer’s needs is a hallmark of their success and gives the customer ultimate control over the final details of their vessel.


Date Founded:  1971

Location: La Crosse, WI

Best-Selling Model or Floor Plan: Custom built to buyers specs 

Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 32’ X 14’ 7”

Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 85’ X 24’ (Three Decks)

Hull Design: Custom;  Motor Yacht style, Millennium style and traditional houseboat style

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-House Transportation: No

In-House Interior Designer: Yes

Phone: 608-784-5110



SkipperLiner had a good year in 2013; not a great year, but definitely improving. Since our ownership change in late 2010 we have re-built our sales infrastructure and marketing departments under the leadership of Gary Smith, vice president of sales and marketing. We delivered several vessels over the course of the year, have a couple new boats under construction already for 2014 delivery, and several more deals in the pipeline.  We also acquired some new equipment which will streamline our manufacturing processes and extend our capabilities.


Manufacturer's comment

"Our goal is to be the manufacturer of choice when a customer is looking for the finest custom houseboat on the market. We won’t be the fastest builder, or the least expensive, but we will be the very best! We have the ability to design and build anything the customer wants." Gary Smith, vice president of sales and marketing

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