BacTankt3 Holding Tank Treatment

February 2014 Product

This is a bacterial holding tank product solution that reduces embarrassing odors and degrades cheap white toilet paper in the holding tanks.

Although, drain lines and interceptors are not designed to be microbial reactors, they provide nutrient-rich environments for bacterial growth. But they need the right microbes to optimize biological treatment. Hydraulic retention time is limited and organisms with very high rates of activity are required. THE RIGHT MICROBES OR "PROMICROBIALS" MAKE HOLDING TANKS WORK MORE EFFECTIVELY.

This easy to use product is available in liquid or powder. The stable, high count blend of promicrobials has a two year shelf life. It specifically targets a wide array of organics under varied conditions. Effective pH: 5.0- 9.8 (optimal 6.5- 8.5) Effective temperatures: 38 degrees F to 145 degrees F. These bacteria are facultative an behave both aerobic and anaerobic.

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