March 2014 Product

If your favorite marina is being overrun by geese, you know the expense and problems this can create. Without professional-grade goose control, getting rid of geese can be a challenge. Use a water hose or noise maker and they’ll return as soon as you leave.  The good news is that there are a number of humane and effective goose deterrents that will keep geese away, such as Liquid Goose Repellent.

Liquid Goose Repellent is a non-toxic liquid goose repellent used to make grass areas unpalatable to geese. The liquid repellent is non-toxic and safe to use around people and pets. The active ingredient in Migrate Goose Repellent is non-toxic grape extract, Methyl Anthranilate. The extract irritates birds' trigeminal nerves and mucous membranes. They do not like the sensation caused by the extract and will avoid the area being treated.

Liquid Goose Repellent is applied to grass or shrub areas where geese have been grazing. When Geese go to graze on the treated areas, they will realize there is no longer a food source, and move on. One gallon of Liquid Goose Repellent will cover approximately 16,000 square feet for one application. The liquid repellent lasts 3 months outdoors, and won't wash off with rain or water. (

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