Destination Yachts Expanding

March 2014 Industry Web Exclusive

The facility where your houseboat is built is important. These beginning stages of your boat can determine its seaworthiness and quality later on during its life. Destination Yachts recently moved to a much larger building in order to serve their customers better.

Destination Yachts has been a premier boat builder for years. Located in Indiana, this company is owned and managed by Sheldon Graber. Its product, along with the hard work of the staff, allowed the company to stay in production during the recession. The new building is a 36,000 square foot facility and shows how successful this independent company is.

“Our new building is newer construction which takes less to heat in the winter,” says Graber. “It has taller ceilings to allow for full upper deck set up and testing in all weather conditions.”

Along with all of those reasons, this space will give the company room to expand product lines.

We all know Destination Yachts for its high end custom houseboats. These boats offer a surprisingly elegant lifestyle at a price that is affordable. One of our favorite things about these boats is the quality. The company uses old style Amish skill and craftsmanship for every model. Floor plans that start at 37' x 10' and go to 100' x 20' are available, or you can let them custom build for you.

Company President Sheldon Graber, along with his brother Terry Graber and a group of investors set a new standard in entry level houseboats with the development of Myacht Houseboats in 1991.After selling Myacht to another company, Sheldon felt the need for a houseboat that was built on a twin hull but was the next level of quality and design. This idea let to the birth of Destination Yachts, which Graber formed along with his brother Delmer Graber. 

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