Houseboat Book Review

Published in the March 2014 Issue March 2014 News

Every family has unspoken boating traditions. For some it may be who boards first, who sits where, or which cove has “the” spot to anchor. For author and Chef Marcelle Bienvenu’s family, the tradition was bologna, boiled eggs and saltines. Bienvenu’s charming introduction to her cookbook, No Baloney On My Boat! tells of her lifetime of visiting Louisiana’s (and many other) waterways; and why you don’t have to settle for the bland ‘boat’ food.

Her philosophy is that it just takes a little planning, some imagination and creativity, and a sense of adventure. With that in mind, she offers a large array of make-ahead and easy preparation options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recipes range from bacon-cheese bread and Roguefort burgers, to gazpacho soup, and even some signature southern Jezebel Sauces. She includes recipes for appetizers, desserts and everything in between.

Available from Acadian House Publishing, this book offers her preparation tips and boat-savvy secrets that will help you ensure you have the right utensils, food storage and cooking methods to leave your crew well-fed. A perfect blend of personality and practicality, this book will inspire your next boating menu and make you think twice about packing that jar of peanut butter! (800-850-8851/

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