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Published in the March 2014 Issue March 2014 News Katie Burke

The houseboat adventure abroad is one-of-a-kind. Imagine seeing everything Europe has to offer while traveling on a houseboat. If this sounds exciting, then you need to look into Le Boat. Le Boat is the largest operator of self-drive boating vacations on Europe’s waterways. This company has a fleet of more than 1,000 self-driving cruisers, covering over 40 departure bases across eight European countries.

Le Boat is getting ready for an amazing year in 2014 and has made a significant investment in new boats, as well as an expanded products and services they offer as well.

“As the largest owner and operator of the largest fleet and network of bases in Europe, we are dedicated to continuously investing in Le Boat’s existing fleet and buying new boats for the future, and 2014 is no different,” says Cheryl Powell, managing director of Le Boat. “This year alone, we will invest over nine million on new boats. Our package of new initiatives, products and services for 2014 clearly demonstrates our commitment to making inland waterways holidays a popular and accessible holiday option for everyone.”

New Destination

One of the most exciting news items is the new destination that is now available. The cruise is called The Mazurian Lakes of Poland. Together with their partner Sun Yacht Charter, Le Boat has a brand new fleet in the land of the thousands lakes, Poland.

This beautiful area of Poland is something everyone needs at least once. The Masurian Lakes are more than 2000 interconnected lakes, all surrounded by untouched nature. This houseboating adventure will allow you to navigate to the heart of Poland and discover its most beautiful and historic sites and the rich local cuisine.

Fleet Investment

Thirty-two brand new boats have been purchased; 26 of them are in France and Italy as well as six that are being added in Poland.

The model of some of these new boats is the Vision SL, which was designed exclusively for Le Boat. It is lower in height and features an easy-access staircase to connect the galley and fly bridge. This attractive new boat sleeps up to six and boasts a large master cabin with en-suite and an additional smaller cabin. The joy-stick maneuvering function makes this large boat easy to handle, which will make for a stress-free trip.  

Due to customer demand, Le Boat is making the new Vision Cruising boat available in Italy. This means you can explore dramatic vistas in Southern Europe on a state-of-the-art boat, all while immersing yourself in the local culture.

New Pricing

Le Boat has revised the boat pricing in each region and you are going to like their changes! To encourage early sales, they have reduced their prices on almost every boat type, especially low and mid-season departures. In some cases, they have even reduced their peak prices.

Planning On & Offline

Enjoy the new mobile-friendly website, which offers improved design, content and imagery. Customer reviews and searching flexibility make is easy for you to plan and book each cruising holiday.

New Products

Le Boat has been a great way to see Europe for 40 years now. But each year, they reevaluate their inventory and pick up some new accessories to make the experience even better than it was the previous year.

These changes include adding Wi-Fi in France in select destinations, allowing customers to keep up with work, research nearby places to visit or interact with friends via social media.

Another change is license-free cruising in Germany. Lager Trodel, the newest cruise available in Brandenburg, allows license-free cruising east of Liebenwalde. This historic canal will tantalize the senses with magnificent views and historical landmarks. With only two locks before idyllic Werbellinsee, this route is an ideal choice for beginning boaters.

There are now standup paddleboards in France and Germany. Venture out and explore the water while staying fit at the same time with a standup paddleboard. Available on the River Lot, Charente, Burgundy, Camargue and Germany trips.

The last big change is biking in Italy. The Italian countryside and Venetian Lagoon provide numerous bicycling opportunities to leisurely sightsee and take in gorgeous landscapes.

It’s For Everyone

Remember, Le Boat is for everyone, regardless of your boating experience. The crew on hand will train you in the basics and make sure you feel comfortable operating your boat. Better yet, they are just a phone call away if for some reason you start to feel uncomfortable. No license or experience is required to take off.

If you are an experienced houseboater, then this is really the vacation for you. You have all the perks of traveling onboard, like cooking for yourself and having all your possessions on hand, yet you will cover much more area than you would on an average vacation. Le Boat is set up so that you see places that are off the beaten path.

The beauty of life aboard a boat is you're not on a set vacation itinerary. There's no rushing to the next destination, unless that’s how you like to do it. Each day you can wake up in a beautiful new destination.

If you have ever wanted to explore France, England, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Belgium Holland or Poland, Le Boat has a vacation plan for you. All aboard a beautiful houseboat. 

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