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July 2014 Industry Austa Cook Web Exclusive

Whether you own a boat or are looking to rent a great-quality product at an eye-catching price, GetMyBoat is the place to go. A new and rapidly-expanding rental company committed to expanding the reach of boating everywhere, GetMyBoat offers peer-to-peer contracts supported by Shared Economy and Falvey Yacht Insurance. Boat owners can set their own rental price at per person or hourly, daily, or weekly, and renters can search for their personalized craft needs at prices that start out as low as $50 an hour.

The mutually beneficial aim of GetMyBoat is to make boating more affordable and accessible, as well as to create a simple way for boaters to earn money while their boats would otherwise remain docked. The website offers full specs, services, reviews, and features for each craft available for the immediate perusal of anyone connected to the Internet.

GetMyBoat was first inspired during a sailing trip to the Atlantic. When co-founders Sascha Mornell and Raf Collado noticed a vast quantity of unused boats floating empty in the marina, and knowing full-well how costly owning a boat is, the idea for their company began to take shape.

Now the company hosts over 14,000 peer-to-peer rentals available on their platform, which caters to over 1,400 locations and is still growing. They sponsor everything from houseboats to yachts, jet skis, sailboats, fishing boats, and more. GetMyBoat even has a new app for iOS and Android, making boat rentals accessible in just minutes by smart phone or similar device.

They’ve also partnered with Falvey Yacht Insurance to offer the best comprehensive coverage while out on the water. Options are given for any duration to ensure a boater only pays for what he or she needs and each policy is safe and secure. A review platform furthers the commitment to safety by allowing everyone to review boaters and renters before they make a commitment. GetMyBoat also creates their own boat safety and how-to content for their personalized resource center.

Supported by Sharing Economy, GetMyBoat ranks similar to VRBO, Sidecar, Lyft, AirBnB, and Uber.

It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship—for owners, no longer are boats a money pit—you can make money from your unused craft. For renters, no longer is it difficult to find a boat in your vacation location at a reasonable price.

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