Rave Iceberg Inflatable Climbing Mountain

November 2014 Product Web Exclusive

Do your kids have aspirations of climbing Mount Everest? The Rave Iceberg Inflatable Climbing Mountain might be short several thousand feet but surely it’s more fun—once you traverse your way to the top, you can shoot down the slide on the opposite side and into the water!

The Iceberg doubles as a climbing wall and a water slide that floats on the lake. Exhilarating fun for adults and kids alike, this inflatable mountain features 87 easy-grip handles, commercial-grade reinforced PVC construction, three anchor points per corner, and four Halkey Roberts inflation valves. Pair that with a lifetime limited warranty and you’re looking at a long time of fun to come for family and friends alike.

The Iceberg requires a depth of 12 feet and can hold eight people at one time, or 1,800 pounds max. Visit the Overtons website to learn more about the Iceberg and the other fun water products they feature!




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