Brackish And Freshwater Purification Systems

March 2015 Product Web Exclusive

SK Watermakers makes it their business, as their name says, to know watermakers. This company’s products can be integrated onto boats of any size and virtually any water usage capacity—so clearly, these are ideal for houseboats. Filling up fresh water reserves when you’re docked at a marina can carry a hefty price tag, and the same is said of buying bottled drinking water which can sometimes be as expensive as $5 a gallon. These watermakers offer a tempting deal that will help you save money in the long run, as they provide an unlimited supply of drinking water while you’re traveling onboard.  

For a good example, check out the BF series. This is a reverse osmosis water purification system for those in brackish or fresh water environments. This system is designed to be fully self-contained with very simple installation. It runs quietly and vibration-free. Just find a good spot to mount it, hook up your intake and outtake hoses, connect it to your power and you’re ready to go. The pump and motor are mounted on a durable powder-coated aluminum base and the high pressure gauge is stainless steel and liquid-filled for easy reading. The motor is energy saving and the entire system is compact. Included with every HC series watermaker is a high quality pre-filter pump and one year warranty. To check out the specs and other watermaker series, check out their website here.

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