The Glories Of Stardust

May 2015 Industry

Stardust is proud of its claim to fame of being the oldest continually-operating houseboat company in the United States. The first Stardust boat was built in Chattanooga, Tenn., around 1965 with a steel hull. The company changed hands in the 1980s and has built over 1,500 custom boats since then.

A Stardust houseboat has a lot of perks. These boats have wood-free wall structures that are composed of aluminum and fiberglass panels and made in-house. These walls allow for standard windows or inset-free form windows that come in any shape a customer desires. Its patented web frame design strengthens the entire structure.

New hull designs and direct drive or V-drive power configurations are available for owners seeking improved handling and economy. The same quality and style is available in houseboats of any size and price range.


The manufacturer specializes in custom woodwork and cabinetry and has its own fiberglass shop on the premises. Stardust continues to bring in newer and more unique designs to give owners a wide variety of houseboat options, as well as a taste of the future of houseboating.

In order to reduce input costs and to optimize the manufacturing process, Stardust Cruisers merged with Thoroughbred houseboats this past August. Along with Sumerset houseboats, the company is now known as Trifecta Ventures. Stardust will continue to live up to the expectation of custom builds with unique designs and boats that have indefinite lifetimes.  

Date Founded: 1965

Location: Monticello, KY

Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 18’ X 85’ Four-bedroom design

Smallest Houseboat Built to Date:  10’ X 30’

Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 22’ X 120’

Hull Design: Standard Barge and Cruiser Style Hulls

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-House Transportation: Yes

In-House Interior Designer: Yes

Contact Information: 606-348-8466/

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