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June 2015 Product Web Exclusive

Have you ever had the thought, “Man, if only I had gorilla arms, I could get my whole family in this shot”? People of average arm lengths, fret no more. There’s a modern hit sweeping through the travelers and vacationers of the nation right now, and it goes by the name of “selfie stick.”

Before you judge anyone who buys these to be narcissistic beyond reason, hear us out. These remarkable little inventions aren’t solely so you can take better and more dramatic pictures of yourself (though, admittedly, that does draw some of the narcissists out of the woodwork). They also make it easier to fit everyone into a picture (eliminating the need for one person to stand out, or for you to rely on the willingness of strangers to snap it, or set up a timed camera at the right angle and make sure nobody’s blinking at the same time), but it enables you to capture more of the scenery behind you as well.

If you’re getting more interested now, check out the details behind Polaroid’s PCA 3200 Wireless Selfie Stick. These selfie sticks are light-weight and connect wirelessly to your phone so you can take the picture by simply pressing the Bluetooth shutter button, which is compatible with most smartphone devices, at the end of the handle. They extend to 3 feet and collapse to only 8 inches for transportation in a purse or bag. You can usually find these selfie sticks anywhere from $20 to $30, and for the quality, that’s a great deal.

It doesn’t get much better than this, people. 

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