SkipperLiner Online Auction Is Today

June 2015 News Web Exclusive

While SkipperLiner Inc. was once upon a time one of the nation’s largest builders of luxury houseboats and commercial passenger boats, they have unfortunately since closed up shop. According to Trade Only Today, this bright and sunny morning is the day their assets and equipment will be sold in an online auction. The SkipperLiner headquarters in LaCrosse, Wis., will likewise be up for lease from $5 to $12 per square foot. Any lucky locals will have a slight advantage only because the lots are open for show from 8 in the morning to 5 tonight.

Having dropped briefly out of business in 2010 due to the heavy toll the recession took on yacht sales, Jeb Griffith bought the company from Noel Jordan and ran business until last fall when SkipperLiner again had to close. will host the online auction, which starts at 8 am and concludes with staggered end times that depend on the items all the way up until 8 pm.

Everything from Witco kitchen equipment and aluminum stepladders to airless paint sprayers and even some vehicles will be sold, totaling up to hundreds of items. Needless to say, you’ll run into variety at this auction. Hand and power tools will be sold along with a beer keg tapper/cooler.

It’s always sad to see a wonderful legacy come to a close. Barry Blomquist, the founder of Mid-City Steel Fabricating (a subcontractor for SkipperLiner) says, “Noel Jordan is a great guy who created a lot of jobs for a very long time.”

He adds, “I think it’s too bad the economy took down the houseboat and tour boat industry.”

Luckily, we are seeing a beautiful revival in the houseboating industry take over as more folks regain their footing and have the chance to get involved in the lifestyle once more. That said, it is sad to see the conclusion of a great houseboating company and we express our best wishes to Jordan, Griffith, and the awesome and hard-working people they employed. Check out the auction today and give SkipperLiner a good send-off—they deserve it!

To read the full story from Trade Only Today, click here

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