The Beauties Of Sunstar Houseboats

June 2015 Industry

Sunstar Houseboats has been in business 10 years because of the craftsmanship of its work force that allows the manufacturer to build top-of-the-line houseboats.

Employees have a lot of input on how to improve something and make it better or more user-friendly, which is beneficial for all of their customers. Sunstar has diversified to maintain some strength in the houseboat industry. The manufacturer now offers boat brokerage through Sunstar Yacht Sales & Brokerage and they have ventured into the large houseboat transportation venue. Sunstar has procured some of the best transportation equipment in the industry to achieve this. They have moved numerous large houseboats with the largest being 22 by 125 feet. At this time, Sunstar has approximately 15 employees with plans to add more in the future.


The company remains focused on a new “generation” of boaters that have grown up on the water and want their own houseboats. They also put a strong emphasis on their brokerage business and helping people find the right pre-owned model, while continuing to answer all customer inquires on new boat builds.

Date Founded: 1995

Location:  Monticello, KY

Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 16’ X 75’ Side Hall

Smallest Houseboat Built to Date: 14’ X 43’

Largest Houseboat Built to Date: 20’ X 110’

Hull Design: Aluminum Semi-V

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-House Transportation: Yes

In-House Interior Designer: Yes

Contact Information: 606-348-6648/  

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