You Won't Believe Your Eyes

June 2015 News

You know those moments where you think, okay, surely now I’ve seen everything—and that’s right when you’re sidelined by something totally new and unexpected? After hearing about The Floating Seahorse Villas by the Kleindienst Group, that’s just what happened. Only now, instead of taking to the water, these new vessels will be taking to the skies.

That’s not wholly accurate—only part of these superyachts will be taking to the skies. With a top deck that will transform into a jet aeroplane, Vasily Klyukin’s Monaco 2050 concept superyachts will be one of a kind when they’re complete. brings everyone more details about this amazing new idea: the top deck will lift much like a helicopter with its vertical take-off ability, eliminating the need for a runway. Once in the air, this jet aeroplane will then be free to show off the speed and distance normally seen in private passenger jets.   

The latest of a series of concept yachts from Klyukin, the Monaco 2050 is still only a concept, but has an estimated completion date of 2050. Other concepts currently in the works for this writer and architect include The Mississippi (which will have dual wheels like a paddle steamer), The Red Shark (a large red yacht with a roof helicopter pad), and The Swan (a yacht which resembles its elegant namesake).

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