Keeping Your Hot Tub In Shipshape

August 2015 Product Web Exclusive

Nothing beats leaning back and soaking in the sunset from the bubbly warmth of a hot tub on the top deck. If you’re lucky enough to own a hot tub, you’d better make sure to take good care of it! And if you need help finding any of the cleaning accessories required to do so, take a look at Watson’s. This Ohio-based company, on top of selling hot tubs, pools, and spas, also makes sure to provide different products to keep your hot tub in shipshape, and right now most of them are on sale. Their Hand Held Skimmer Net, convenient for scooping out any unwanted drifters, is currently selling for $4.99. The Hand Held Scrubber Brush, which boasts a comfortable handhold and a long-lasting pad, is on sale for only $2.99. For keeping an eye on the total bromine, alkalinity, hardness, or pH of your hot tub water, use an AquaChek Test Strip for results that take one second to register. A bottle of 50 strips is selling for $8.99. To find out what other products are on sale, check out their website or call at 513-326-1100. 

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