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August 2015 Product Austin Carlisle

No memory, super sensitive and incredibly strong. No ladies, I am not describing your ideal boyfriend. I’m talking about a fishing line. The Sufix Castable Invisiline 100% fluorocarbon line is not comparable to any other. It holds knots well and feels as strong as braid. I have always enjoyed fishing mono over braid due to the stretch, so I instantly liked what I was seeing. 

This new Sufix line is not overly stretchy, but gives just enough to allow you to set the hook and feel confident as you heave your trophy to the boat. The line is so sensitive it tears up every time a fish hits your lure and those tears travel up the line and you can feel every little bump. (Warning: carry a box of tissues.) I purposely tried to wrap the line on my reel very, very tight and let it sit for about two weeks. As I cast it for the first time the line effortlessly slid through the eyelets on the rod and not one loop was made on the water as the line laid flat as a pancake. For fun I tipped my fly line and threw streamers and was so impressed with how it presented my fly in the water. This line is one of the best all-around lines I have ever used. With a price between $14.99 and $35.49, you can fish with confidence.

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