Survival Life Credit Card Knife

August 2015 Product Roy Sparks

I’m not a doomsday prepper, but there is a lot of great information at that is worth taking a closer look at. This is where we found the Credit Card Knife and for $14.99 we figured it was worth checking out. It’s a fully functional knife that folds up neatly and discreetly to the size of a credit card. After trying it out there's more to this handy tool than just its form—it's also designed around complete functionality.

The Credit Card Knife has a stainless-steel, surgical-quality blade; a protective hand guard; and more innovative features hiding within. We like that it also includes a lock for the blade so it won’t accidently open. It would be hard to find a better concealed-carry knife than this one from Survival Life. Photos don’t do it justice. If you go to the website they have a video demonstration and at times they actually give away these knives as a promotion. You never know when you're out and about while houseboating and need a knife on hand. 

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