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October 2015 News Austa Cook Web Exclusive

For most of us, the telltale sign of tinkling notes always brings to mind that coveted childhood dream, a deliciously drippy cone from the local ice cream truck. But will the sound of waves lapping at your hull soon bring the same vision to mind?

Trib Live reports that for one such family in South Hills, Penn., this is their mission. The Heenan and Shanahan family have owned and operated a popular ice cream, cake, and candy shop in the area since 1984 and now have plans to refurbish a 35-foot houseboat into the Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Boat so they can bring their delicious treats to the Pittsburgh waterways.

“We've already gotten approvals from the Coast Guard and the (Allegheny County) Health Department, who told us they think what we're doing is really cool,” Jon Shanahan reported to Trib Live. He predicted the houseboat will be ready to start serving by this coming April.  

No strangers to the river, Shanahan added, “My family has been on the river since the '70s, and my mom and I have a boat down at the South Side Marina.”

And the odds are good that there will be plenty of business on the waters.

“Every time we go around The Point or are water skiing, we notice kayaker after kayaker and kayaker. There's just so much more activity on the rivers since they cleaned them up,” he said.

Houseboats converted into food or treat vessels might become a serious trend; after all, Trib Live added that the owner of the famous Pittsburgh Taco Truck, James Rich, also announced the goal of having a taco boat ready this spring. If you remember back in September, we also spotlighted The Buoy, a houseboat working to combat the tummy rumblings on Lake Cour d’Alene, Idaho. What do you think of this growing trend? Will it take to the water? Post your thoughts on our Facebook page, we’d love to hear them! 

Photo credited to Trib Total Media

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