What DOESN'T Dometic’s New Watermaker Do?

January 2016 Product


Dometic Marine announced its new XTC-ZTC Double-Pass Watermaker, a completely unique fully automatic, integrated double-pass reverse-osmosis system that can purify every source of yacht water (including lake water, brackish water, seawater, river water, or dockside water). It has mechanical override for full redundancy and can be operated and monitored remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to Dometic’s Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control software.

“With the XTC-ZTC, boat owners can enjoy ultra-pure fresh water for drinking, ice-making, cooking and bathing – whether they are out on the ocean, cruising an inland lake or in a marina,” says Ned Trigg, Senior VP of Global System Sales at Dometic Marine. “The XTC-ZTC is ideal for spot-free cleaning of boat interiors, as well as external washdowns, with no need to chamois,” said Ned Trigg, Senior VP of Global System Sales at Dometic Marine.

“XTC-ZTC water is the purest you could possibly drink. There’s no need to bring bottled water onboard—so you can eliminate that expense and the plastic waste it generates,” Doug Curtis, VP of Marketing at Dometic Americas, adds. To find out more about how this innovative new watermaker works, click hereand don't forget to check out their video below. 

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