Didn't See That Coming?

February 2016 News Web Exclusive

In the course of all your houseboat travels, you’ve probably seen a funny thing or two. Maybe even three. But have you ever seen a space shuttle on the move?

Beyel Bros Crane and Rigging shared this story with us of the shuttle Inspiration being moved, and boy was it a process! Their 30 line Kamag transporter moved the Inspiration a mile down the NASA causeway in Florida, causing this major four-lane highway to be closed eastbound, and a Peterbilt Prime Mover then towed it into place before the shuttle was set onto Beyel’s 134-foot barge, the Blake Beyel. Two tugboats and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department Marine Unit assisted in moving this heavy-laden barge south down the Indian River, then across the barge canal to Beyel’s Merritt Island Marine Yard so five million dollar upgrade work could begin.

You can probably guess what’s coming next. The Inspiration will be on the move again! Part of the work includes enabling the wings to fold tight for easier transportation, as this shuttle will be making its rounds by barge through several more locks and bridges throughout the nation as a floating educational exhibit. If you see the shuttle headed your way, make sure to check it out!

Photos credited to Julian Leek, Beyel.com

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