March 2016 Product Web Exclusive

GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) recently announced the release of a new app called  the GOST Tracker App. This allows boat owners to remotely monitor and control Nav-Tracker devices installed on their houseboat via a smartphone or tablet for extra peace of mind. The secure interface is simple to use and you can view a tracking history on Google Maps, which are embedded in the app.

Once you log in, the app will display a global map with icons marking the location of all the vessels you’re tracking. You can expand the details for each one, learning the most recent latitude/longitude, speed, heading, and whether the security system is armed or disarmed. An armed system will give you immediate notification if there’s any movement onboard, and for those with a full security system, it will of course notify you if an alarm is triggered.

“Since its release, the Nav-Tracker product line has been used to protect and recover thousands of vessels worldwide, as well as to provide onshore support for long distance cruisers and for a number of global fisheries management programs,” says Jay Keenan, president and CEO, GOST.

If you want to find out more about the GOST Tracker App, or any of their other security products, visit or contact

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