We Test Rhea Footwear

April 2016 Product Brady L. Kay

To be honest, my ideal footwear on a houseboat is bare feet. But all it takes is one step onto a hot dock and I quickly remember why shoes are necessary. Boating is all about relaxing and being comfortable so that’s why these slip on shoes make a lot of sense. When on the boat, I wear them without socks and they easily slip on and off throughout the day without any issues. But what I discovered is that because they’re so comfortable, I enjoy wearing them with socks when I’m off the water too.

Rhea Footwear is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, Paul Ahn and John Lee, who met while studying at Cornell University. The duo set out to develop and patent an advanced form of anti-slip technology applied to street shoes in popular genres like sandals, slip on flats and boots. 

The outsole features an exclusive rubber compound with a patented micro-channel tread pattern (“PMC”) that pushes liquid away from the bottom of the sole to provide more sole-to-surface contact and prevent slipping and sliding, great characteristics of a boat shoe. Available in men’s or women’s sizes, prices range from $55 for sandals to $150 for boots. The Classic Slip On retails for $92.

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