What’s in a Boat Name?

May 2016 News Web Exclusive

As any houseboater well knows, the name of your boat can reveal a lot about your personality and sense of humor. If you’ve recently purchased a new-to-you houseboat or you’re finally brave enough to change the name yours had carried for years (with the proper ceremony for us superstitious types), then BoatUS has got your back. It’s put together a list of over 9,000 boat names from across the country over the last 20 years, and also officially released its 2016 list of Top Ten Boat Names.

Happy Ours may be the most popular boat on a Friday night at the marina,” said BoatUS Boat Graphics Manager Greg Edge. “Names like Freedom and Liberty show boaters’ patriotic side, but they also like their boat names to remind themselves to slow down and relax, such as the ever-popular Island Time.”

For a look at all 9,000 boat names, go to BoatUS.com/boatnames. The BoatUS Graphics service also offers an online design tool to easily create custom boat graphics with fast turnaround times. All graphics come with a 30-day “Oops Assurance Guarantee” that allows you to receive replacement decals free of charge if the graphic was damaged during installation. Don’t forget to check out their video for how to remove or add graphics.

Now, the moment you’ve been patiently waiting for! Here’s the Top Ten list for 2016:

10. Aqua holic

9. Blue Moon

8. At Last

7. Liberty

6. No Regrets

5. Island Time

4. Serendipity

3. Grace

2. Freedom

1. Happy Ours

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