Aqua Zooka Water Bazooka

June 2016 Product Brady L. Kay

You would think I collected busted squirt guns if you ever came across my collection in my garage. The routine goes something like this: One of my kids spots a cheap water gun while on a trip to Walmart. I buy it and then it breaks the first time we use it. But because it’s new, we don’t throw it away. Instead it goes into a pile for dad to fix and the cycle continues over and over.

Well, I finally broke the routine this summer and went for quality by ordering the Aqua Zooka from Airhead. It has a 24-inch barrel and can shoot up to 60 feet, but the most important part is that it’s built to last. Available in lengths from 12 to 32 inches, the 24-inch version retails for $13.99.

It has been kid-tested and then some as the Aqua Zooka has found a permanent home on our boat so we’re never at the lake without it. I was so impressed by the durability that I went back and ordered a full arsenal so everyone on the boat now has access to one.

Equipped with comfortable EVA handles, even my youngest child can operate it and it even floats on the water. 

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